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Brittany Places to visit Erdeven

Between beaches and wild dunes, Erdeven is a paradise for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts

Located in the department of Morbihan in Brittany, Erdeven, "An Ardeven" in Breton, is a town rich in history and culture. With its 8 km of beaches in the center of the wild dunes from Gâvres to Quiberon, its menhirs, dolmens and religious buildings, Erdeven is a corner of paradise between the Ria d'Étel and the Bay of Quiberon.


Côté Terre: Megalithic sites and walks in Erdeven

In Erdeven, discover the Alignements de Kerzerho, the second most important Breton megalithic site after the Alignements of Carnac. Accessible all year round, there is a free parking lot at the entrance to the menhir fields. There you will find 190 stones lined up along a length of about 2 km. Then take the hiking trail to the megaliths to observe the stone giants of Kerzerho: They are 6 meters high and weigh 40 tons! If you are here in the summer, you can take advantage of the guided tours organized by the tourist office.
After a walk of about two hours through the menhir fields, you will discover the impressive area of Crucuno, one of the largest in southern Morbihan. The monument was 27 m high, but today only the burial chamber remains.

Located 31 m above sea level on the highest point of Erdeven, discover the Dolmens de Mané-Braz, "La Grande Colline" in Breton, a dozen menhirs forming three dolmens. They are the remains of an ancient cairn or burial mound that has disappeared.


The Parc de Kéravéon is not to be missed

During your visit to Erdeven, discover the Parc de Kéravéon, a pretty 20-hectare park with three water areas, a health trail, children's playgrounds and a botanical trail. The stylized entrance gate of the park is a monument that was added to the list of historical monuments on November 19, 1941. So, a park that invites to relax and have fun for the whole family, even for animals.

In the middle of the forest there is an isolated collection of menhirs, one of which is very large and seat-shaped. It was named "La Chaise de César" (The Chair of Caesar) in allusion to the occupation of the commune by the Roman armies.


In Erdeven there are also...

Besides the menhirs and dolmens, there are several sights to visit in Erdeven: the church of Saint Pierre et Saint Paul, the Chapelle des Sept Sains, the Chapelle Saint-Germain, the Château de Kercadio... 
Numerous hiking trails in Erdeven allow you to visit the villages and megalithic sites. Bike paths and a greenway will take you to Quiberon or Étel. Walk the ocean trail to the village and beach of Kerhillio.


Côté Mer: water sports, dunes and beaches in Erdeven

Erdeven is located 3 km from the Ria d'Etel and offers 8 km of beaches and wild dunes. The most famous beach is Kerhillio beach with its magnificent view of the Quiberon peninsula and Belle Île en Mer. It is a family beach, but also ideal for fans of gliding sports: kitesurfing, beach sailing, paddling...


The beach of Kerouriec is rockier, but ideal for a moment of relaxation or to learn crabbing. If you are looking for a wild beach with fine sand in Erdeven, opt for the beach of Kerminihy. It stretches for 2 km and is one of the largest beaches in the municipality. This beach is open for nudism.


During your walks on the hiking trails, greenways and bike paths in Erdeven, be sure to explore the wildly preserved dunes. These are part of the largest massif of dunes in Brittany, which stretches for 35 km from Gâvres to Quiberon and has been awarded the Grand Site de France label.


Erdeven is an ideal vacation destination for those who want to relax or explore nature. With its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage and numerous activities, there is something for everyone!

Do not hesitate to plan your stay in Erdeven for an unforgettable experience, located only 15 min from Carnac and La Trinité-sur-Mer and 20 min from Auray


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