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Naéco is, of course, an anagram of “ocean”, but also a contraction of the words “nature” and “eco-friendly”, which are core values of the brand.


Naéco Hostels aim to provide varied accommodation in a natural, preserved setting close to the ocean, all within a relaxed, family-like atmosphere where friendliness and openness reign supreme. Our team are here to offer you a moment to disconnect from everything, all close to nature and with a sporty ambiance to boot.
Our idea of a successful holiday is primarily one full of interaction and discovery. Through our activities and our local partners, this expression makes perfect sense. Whether a surfing session or a tasting with a local producer, you’re sure to find something you’ll never forget.

Our values

Openness and sharing

The Association Naéco#responsables

The mission of the non-profit organisation Association Naéco#responsables is to create, support and lead ecological and socially responsible projects in the areas where the brand is active.

Created by the two founders of Naéco in partnership with the Crédit Agricole du Morbihan bank, the association manages the donations of private individuals and partner companies, which go towards local concrete actions. The actions and the engagements of the Naéco foundation revolve around three points that you can equally find in our eco-responsibility charter:

•    Action to preserve nature and the ocean
•    Action to help people with disabilities discover outdoor activities
•    Action to raise awareness of ecology and nature among children

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Association Naéco#responsables
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Naéco Audierne

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