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Kercousquet windmill

A true witness of the past, come and discover the last working windmill in Finistère.
Brittany visit Kercousquet windmill

The rich heritage and history of South Finistère

Take a tour of Brittany through its exceptional heritage. At the heart of History, the Breton country is told through its old stones, such as those of the Moulin à Vent of Kercousquet.

The only working mill in Finistère, it is a true legacy of Breton heritage.

Erected in the middle of the 15th century, the Moulin à Vent de Kercousquet (or Moulin Milin-avel Kercousquet), three generations of millers will succeed one another in its use until the end of its activity around 1936.

The mill lost its roof during the last war and was then used as a wood store until it fell into ruins.

In the 1990s, thanks to the impetus of the "Milin-Avel Kercousquet" association, it was restored and refurbished, while retaining its architectural authenticity.

You can now attend the celebrations, during the mill days in the summer, between exhibitions, animations and Breton music. A real cultural plunge into time!

A stone's throw from Naéco Hostels Le Pouldu

Naeco's values are always "sleep, relax and share". Located 15 minutes walk from this vestige of the past, we take to heart to share this cultural aspect of our region Brittany.

Between visits, you can also relax in our common areas, whether it is in our reading corner to plan your next cultural visit, or meet history lovers over a coffee.

We are of course available for any questions you may have concerning your next cultural visits around Naéco Hostels.

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