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The Gulf of Morbihan

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Brittany Places to visit The Gulf of Morbihan

Between land and sea, the Golfe du Morbihan offers us all that nature has to offer.
Located in the Morbihan department in Southern Brittany, the Golfe du Morbihan is a site of exceptional beauty, characterized by its small islands and a multitude of activities for nature lovers.

The islands of the Golfe: one of the most beautiful bays in the world

The Golfe du Morbihan boasts some forty islands and islets, of which only a handful are accessible.

The best-known Gulf islands in Morbihan

Accessible in 5 minutes from Port-Blanc in Baden, Île aux Moines is the largest island in the Gulf. As soon as you set foot on the island, you'll feel like you've stepped out of your comfort zone, between pretty beaches and small woods.

Nicknamed l'île aux Capitaines, l'île d'Arz is the small neighbor of l'île aux Moines (and did you know they were once linked by an isthmus?). Well known for its nautical activities, the island is home to 2 sailing schools. You can walk around the island along its 18km coastal path and discover its rich flora and fauna, such as the Siberian geese that migrate to Brittany in winter.

Gulf islands accessible on foot at low tide

In 3rd place is Tascon Island, linked to Saint-Armel, which can be reached on foot at low tide for a relaxing nature break. Here you'll find the "Ferme de l'île Tascon" farm, offering seasonal meat and vegetables for direct sale.
Within walking distance of Larmor-Baden, discover the small island of Berder. It only takes an hour to walk around this corner of paradise. Be sure to check the tide times to make sure you don't get stuck!
Info: It's not possible to visit the heart of the island, which remains in private ownership.

The secret islands of the Gulf: Ilur and Gavrinis

On Gravinis Island, a small private island, discover the Gavrinis cairn: a megalithic site built over 6,000 years ago. Guided tours of the island include a return boat trip from Larmor-Baden. 
Ilur Island, "the shining island" in Breton, is probably one of the most unspoilt islands in the Gulf. This wild paradise is now owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Served by no shipping company, the island is guarded and managed by the Parc Naturel Régional du Golfe du Morbihan warden, Vincent Chapuis. Visits are possible, but limited in order to preserve the island as much as possible. 

The islands of the Golfe du Morbihan are jewels of nature well worth a visit. Each has its own charm and history, offering visitors a unique experience.


Must-see towns in the Gulf of Morbihan

Once we've crossed the sea, let's move on to the charming towns of the Golfe du Morbihan.

Let's start, of course, with Vannes in Morbihan. A city steeped in history and culture, Vannes is a must-see during your stay in the Gulf of Morbihan. Its marina, its ramparts, its historic town... Vannes is a dynamic city with many cultural and festive events throughout the year. Let yourself be charmed by its rich cultural heritage.

Discover the Presqu'île de Rhuys, a 25km long inlet that closes off the Gulf of Morbihan. Visit Château de Suscino, residence of the Dukes of Brittany, a medieval marvel well worth the detour. Discover the salt marshes of Lasné, admire the panoramic view from a stroll in Port Navalo, and see the many islands of the Gulf in the distance...

On the north-western side of the Gulf, discover the port of Arradon or the port of Larmor-Baden, where you can admire magnificent views of the Gulf.

Another must-see in the Gulf of Morbihan is the pretty town of Auray and its famous port of Saint Goustan. A medieval city of character, discover its upper town centered around the church of Saint-Gildas and its lower town on the banks of the Loch.

Between Quiberon Bay and the Gulf, discover Locmariaquer. Walk up to the Pointe de Kerpenhir and enjoy an exceptional panorama of the Gulf of Morbihan.


Outdoor activities in the Gulf

There's never a dull moment on your Morbihan vacation! Here, there's something for everyone: kayaking, paddle-boarding, fishing, hiking in Morbihan, swimming, sailing, cycling, horse-riding and much more.
Stroll along the GR34 customs path and discover the many hiking trails in the Morbihan Gulf, offered by the islands. And for those who prefer cycling, there are numerous cycle paths everywhere.

And of course, there's no shortage of nautical activities on offer in the Golfe du Morbihan, including sailing schools and clubs.


A little further afield: Ria d'Étel and Baie de Quiberon

During your stay in Morbihan, don't miss these two seaside must-sees, just a few minutes from the Gulf. Baie de Quiberon features the famous menhir alignments of Carnac, the many sailing boats in the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer and the megalithic site of Kerzerho in Erdeven. Then, continuing along the coast, the Ria d'Étel with the village of Saint-Cado in Belz.

Worth knowing: The coast from Quiberon to Gâvres, with the Erdeven dune massif, is the largest stretch of dunes in Brittany.


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