Digital Nomads Coliving Naéco Hostels

Coliving at Naéco Hostels for Digital Nomads

Discover coliving and coworking made in Naéco in our establishments for our long-term residents.

Are you a digital nomad looking for an establishment to stay for several weeks? At Naéco Hostels we offer you the opportunity to discover coliving!

What is coliving?

The coliving is a mix between colocation and coworking: you live in the same dwelling with your room and your private bathroom while sharing workspaces, sports and recreation with other housemates.

These common spaces organized are made to facilitate exchanges and sharing between roommates or collaborators. Activities, meetings or evenings can be organized there to allow you to get to know each other and to share moments of conviviality.

The coliving is ideal for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers and artists. More and more millennials and young couples are turning to this way of life.

The coliving experience as a digital nomad in Naeco Hostels

Coliving at Naeco is of course responsible. We try to be as independent as possible in terms of energy. Our hostels are very well insulated and we have installed photovoltaic panels on our roofs. This allows us to have a large part of sustainable and responsible consumption of electricity and heating, thanks to renewable energies. Rainwater collection systems have also been installed for watering, washing clothes and even toilets.

Each digital nomad at Naéco has their own private room with their integrated bathroom and a small combined refrigerator.

Regarding the common areas, the common kitchen is a central place to meet in the evening for a warm and sharing moment. Common lounges and dining rooms are also available to residents to organize meals or meetings.

We also have coworking spaces that allow everyone to work in a place conducive to this by breaking the habit of loneliness and strengthening productivity while enjoying a friendly atmosphere. It could even allow digital nomads to develop their network.

In our Audierne establishment, a henhouse has been set up to reduce waste. The hens will therefore make you taste their good fresh eggs in the morning. Our park also offers a shared vegetable garden which has been designed to grow fruits and vegetables all year round.

Our establishment in Le Pouldu offers a living space located just 50 meters from Kérou beach, the surf school and the GR34. You will be immersed in a holiday setting, while having the opportunity to take advantage of our business corner to concentrate.

Choosing Naéco Hostels when you are digital Nomad

Naéco's DNA is based on the fact that our hostels are places of life between Nature and Ocean. Here you can enjoy the natural setting of our coastal paths, to recharge your batteries, or even find inspiration during your surf session and write down your best ideas on paper, all in the same day.

Between vacation and work space, our common spaces become inspiring places to help you develop your creativity and to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

At Naéco, coworking or even teleworking is free of charge!

Don't wait longer to take advantage of a pleasant and inspiring setting in southern Brittany, to optimize the creativity of your work and get out of the rigid and cold side of the fixed office.


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