Being a digital nomad: a new way of working

We have seen the rise of the freelancer, and the remote worker. Now we are meeting the nomadic worker, or digital nomad, a new type of worker that is changing the way we think about careers and travel.

What do digital nomads do?

What is a digital nomad? Simply put, they are people who are not dependent on a specific location (such as a workplace or home office) to work; instead, they use technology and connectivity to accomplish their tasks while they travel and explore new horizons. They work remotely and can telecommute from anywhere in the world, as long as they have reliable Internet access to stay in touch with their employers or clients.

Digital nomads typically work in fields such as design, marketing, development, content creation, media, consulting and online tutoring. The number of digital nomads is expected to reach one billion by 2035.

An increase in productivity

It's not all lazing on the beach sipping Pina Coladas - digital nomads are working hard in exchange for their comfortable lifestyle.

A recent Stanford University study found that telecommuters were 13 percent more productive than office-based workers, and took less sick time. A Coso Cloud study also found that 23% of remote workers are willing to work overtime to complete their tasks.

Digital nomads and the French and European job market

A study by Joblift based on the last two years shows a growing supply for Digital Nomads in France. 764 job offers have been listed on the website. In Europe, there are 2,229 job offers in the UK and 1,386 in Germany for digital nomads, also called "technomads".

Telework in France

The percentage of teleworkers in France in 2019 is not known for sure. This figure varies between 8% and 17.7% depending on the source. The average rate of telework in Europe is about 20% and even 30-35% in the northern European countries.

However, with the current health conditions, France is experiencing a significant increase in the number of teleworkers. We observe a profound transformation of the organization of work in companies, with more and more frequent recourse to remote work or to nomadic forms of work.


A benefit for workers and the planet

The objectives of telework are multiple: transportation fluidity, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, attractiveness, competitiveness, improvement of the quality of life at work for employees and public agents, support to innovation...

Telework is positively perceived by both employees and companies. A survey conducted in 2012 shows that 90% of employees consider that teleworking improves their personal quality of life, 84% consider that teleworking contributes to the improvement of the quality of family life, 77% consider that teleworking increases their productivity, 81% of them consider that teleworking reduces stress related to transportation. 

Co-working spaces for teleworkers at Naéco

As the modern workforce moves and more people explore how to be a digital nomad, the choice of office spaces is changing dramatically. The rise of co-working spaces around the world means that telecommuters will always be close to a meeting space or conference room when needed, with access to excellent connectivity and business amenities.

At Naéco Hostels, in Audierne or Le Pouldu, we offer you a space to sit alone or in team, from the common room to the business corner. You benefit from a free wifi connection in a relaxed style room, far from the office atmosphere.

You have the possibility to access our common kitchen, to rest during a break or at lunch time. Also, during the hours of presence of our team, we offer you a snack-bar menu, to quench your thirst or relax.

The advantages of co-working at Naéco

Naéco's DNA is based on the fact that it is a place to live between Nature and Ocean. Here you can take advantage of the natural setting of our coastal paths to recharge your batteries, or find inspiration during your surfing session and put your best ideas on paper, all in the same day.

Between a vacation spot and a workspace, our common spaces become inspiring places to help you develop your creativity and to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

At Naéco, coworking or telecommuting is free!

Don't wait any longer to take advantage of a pleasant and inspiring setting in Southern Brittany, to optimize the creativity of your work and get out of the rigid and cold side of the fixed office.

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