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Sustainable tourism at Naéco Hostels

There are different forms of sustainable tourism, discover all the alternatives to become a 100% responsible traveler.

Responsible tourism, our future

Due to the overconsumption of natural resources and the significant growth of waste, mass tourism has a very negative impact on the environment. In addition, this intensive tourism contributes to the production of pollutants, such as greenhouse gases or even air and water pollution. There is also the construction of tourist infrastructures, such as large complexes or roads which force local populations to leave their territory and leave the exclusivity of natural sites, such as beaches, to the actors of tourism.

Conversely, responsible tourism brings together all forms of tourism that are alternatives to mass tourism. This tourism is a way of traveling that best respects the challenges linked to the local environment, both in terms of nature protection and local development.

Thus, the Naéco Hostels concept was created to defend and promote sustainable tourism so that you can always continue to travel while limiting your ecological impact.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism combines ecotourism and rural tourism. It focuses mainly on the discovery of nature, while respecting the environment and local culture. This type of tourism will educate travelers on the importance of conserving our environment.

At Naéco Hostels, we invite you to practice sustainable tourism by offering hikes around our establishments to discover our preserved local nature and we also encourage you to introduce yourself to sports such as plogging, a concept that mixes running and garbage collection.

Fair tourism

Fairtrade tourism is based on the same values as fairtrade. This form of tourism allows local populations to benefit from the economic benefits of tourism.

At Naéco Hostels, making our customers participate in the local economy where our establishments are located is particularly important to us. This is why we offer you a list of good addresses not to be missed during your stay. We also put at your disposal our network of local partners to help you as best as possible to prepare your trip and to contribute to their development.

Solidarity tourism

Solidarity tourism is associated with development and solidarity projects and actions. The concept is based on the fact that travelers have the opportunity during their stay to visit a region or a country by establishing close and fair contact with the local inhabitants. They can truly immerse themselves in the local culture and live like them. In addition, solidarity tourism can also turn into a solidarity trip if, for example, you become a volunteer for an association, by participating in the implementation of actions at the local level.

At Naéco Hostels, we also invite you to be an actor in your trip by supporting our association Naéco#Responsables, by participating in the various actions put in place and by proposing new ideas to preserve our environment and educate young and old.

Ethical tourism

Ethical tourism favors economic development and the preservation of natural, cultural and social resources. This type of tourism is about having an awareness of how we travel and enjoy the things around us. Travelers must have a global reflection on their way of acting during their stay, on the type of transport used, on the places they visit or the products they consume on site.

At Naéco Hostels, raising awareness and educating our customers to have good practices during their stay is important. This is why we have established an eco-responsible charter in order to transparently show all our actions taken to reduce our environmental impact. Our living spaces are also designed to facilitate sharing and exchange between travelers, so you can learn from others and their experiences.

Your eco-responsible stay in southern Brittany

In addition to being geared towards sustainable tourism, our Naéco places of life are also designed to facilitate sharing and exchange between travelers, so you can learn from others and their experiences.

From now on, during your next stay, you can be a 100% responsible traveler by taking advantage of the real richness of the places where you will go.


Do not wait longer and book your immersion stay in South Brittany, in our Naéco Hostels establishments in Audierne or in Le Pouldu.

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