Environmentally Responsible Van Stay Naéco

Your environmentally responsible stay in a Van

Going on a road trip is often motivated by a need to reconnect with nature and discover wide open spaces. But what mark do we want to leave when we travel in a campervan ?

Respect for the environment is one of Naéco's fundamental values. Even during a campervan trip, we can take action for the planet in just a few steps. We have listed some “environmentally responsible tips” that will help you enjoy a more eco-friendly vacation and travel in a sustainable way.

Minimizing your carbon footprint during a road trip

Traveling involves a means of transport and unless you leave on foot or by bike from home, you will have to take a car, a train or a plane. Inevitably, you will therefore participate in the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Responsible travel means already being aware of your CO2 impact, knowing how to estimate it, minimize it and for the most committed among you, knowing how to compensate for this impact through solidarity action !

Environmentally-responsible travel in a van

It's time to prepare for your road trip : adopt an attitude environmentally responsible!

Reduce your luggage

The consumption of your vehicle and your carbon footprint depend on your cargo : the heavier you travel, the more you consume and the more you pollute ! So avoid carrying packs of water and food for your entire stay: you will have the opportunity to buy on site, consuming local. For your personal belongings, sort it out and take only what is necessary !

Respect the natural environment

During your stages, respect nature! You enjoy finding places that are clean and welcoming, so be sure to leave them as such when you leave.

- Do not throw away garbage cans, cigarette ends or papers… and if you find any where you pass, do not hesitate to pick them up! Moreover, if you are a fan of running, do not hesitate to try your hand at plogging.

- Do not throw away plastic bags as they are deadly dangers to wildlife that sometimes mistake them for food.

- Remember not to make noise, respect the silence of the place.

- Do not remove animals or plants.

- Do not light fires such as barbecues.

- For your emptying, remember to use the places provided for this purpose.

Eat local produce

Try to eat local. Plan your food only for the first 2 days of your trip, then buy local foods as you go. In addition to the pleasure of discovering local culinary specialties, you will thus avoid imported products, which induce transport, and therefore the carbon footprint ...

Avoid certain activities

Certain activities practiced in nature can have significant impacts on the environment. Traveling environmentally-friendly also means missing out on a jetski trip that you prefer to a windsurfing session.

And of course, during your walks or bike rides, remember to respect the sites by staying on the marked trails and leaving no polluting traces of your passage.

Equip yourself with environmentally-responsibility

Do you want to limit environmental pollution as much as possible during your road trip ? Here are some products to take away, available from the Naéco online store.

The tote bag Naéco

To replace the various plastic bags that can fly away and get lost in nature, the Naéco tote bag is a must ! It will accompany you during your local races, your plogging sessions and much more ! Ecological, reusable and ultra light, it will be your best ally during your road trip.

The Naéco mug and water bottle

Perfect to replace tableware and plastic bottles, the Naéco mug and the Naéco water bottle will follow you throughout your trip, without leaving a trace behind you! Practical, solid and durable thanks to the use of these accessories, nature will thank you.

Soaps solid

Solid cosmetics have many ecological advantages:less waste and greater service life ! At Naéco, we offer three flavors of local soaps: salted butter caramel, black wheat and strawberry from Plougastel.


Naéco beewraps replace stretch plastic film and aluminum foil and are the new essentials for your kitchen and your journeys. Reusable, you can also wrap your snack with it, cover leftovers from your meals or even use them as containers during your local bulk shopping.

Thanks to these tips for your environmentally responsible stay, you are now ready to live your adventure in a van, while reducing your environmental impact and your carbon footprint ! 

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