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Slow travel: Travel differently at Naéco Hostel

Discover the concept of slow travel and learn to live differently during your travels.

What is slow travel?

In the age of speed and perpetual time saving, some people find the need to slow down, take the time to savor life and focus on what they really want. Slow travel is about appreciating what we do, what we eat and what we discover. This new mode of travel invites vacationers to slow down the pace of their travel and their lives in order to counter the daily stress due to the functioning of our society which pushes us to always go faster. This trend is a kind of voluntary homecoming, through the implementation of simpler actions to better understand the realities of the world, people and the environment around us.

Take the time to share

This mode of travel leads us to apply more slowness during our vacations and to have a much more peaceful, zen and serene state of mind. It also consists of learning to savor the present moment, for example no longer running to try to visit as many places in record time but rather to deepen your knowledge of a particular place and to unearth its secrets. Slow travel makes it possible to rediscover the meaning of travel, to give it another dimension and to share the habits of local populations. The trip can also become even more responsible and turn into a solidarity trip inviting, for example, to participate in a local project.

At Naéco Hostels in Audierne as in Pouldu, we promote slow travel through our values: sleeprelax and share. We want to make your stay a real experience because we believe that travel allows you to discover new horizons but also to meet new people. This is why our establishments are places of life between sharing and conviviality, favoring moments of exchange between travelers. If you also want to give a united meaning to your stay, discover our association Naéco#Responsables and its commitments to protection and the environment.

Consume local

Taking your time during a trip allows you to discover more in depth the customs of the region, the culinary specialties, to meet locals and therefore naturally to promote the local economy.

Naéco Hostels will help you organize your stay and give you advice on what to do and see near its establishments. For walkers, the Naéco roadbooks will help you discover still wild places and allow you to discover secret places in southern Finistère. There is nothing better than a hike to take the time to observe and contemplate nature and the landscapes that surround us.

In addition, the Naéco Hostel team has prepared a selection of the best addresses for you so that you can taste Breton specialties, meet local traders and discover events organized near establishments throughout the year. In our hostels, you will also have the opportunity to taste the typical cuisine of the region during your breakfast or during your aperitifs thanks to our small catering service.

Promote soft transport

Traveling slow is also responsible travel and the main idea of this concept is to limit your ecological footprint while traveling. It is then encouraged to use public transport or softer modes of transport such as cycling or walking. The trip is part of the journey and should be appreciated as much as the final destination.

It is with this in mind that at Naéco, we encourage travelers to walk or cycle to our establishments by offering them a preferential rate all year round.

Practice Slow Travel in South Brittany

Do you want to travel while limiting your impact on the planet ? Book your stay in our establishments quickly.

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