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on one of the spots in Southern Brittany near Naéco Hostels: Auberge, Camping & Hôtel Audierne, Le Pouldu and Erdeven
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At Naéco Hostels, we want to make your life easier and help you organize your sporting and leisure activities during your stay in Finistère or Morbihan.

Booking surf lessons or equipment?

Want to surf but don't have any equipment? Would you like to take an introductory or advanced lesson, but don't know where to turn? Contact us with the dates of your stay at Naéco Hostels, Auberge, Camping & Hotel in Southern Brittany, and we'll book the equipment or lessons that suit your needs.

Need advice on the best surf spots in Southern Brittany?

Are you an independent surfer who wants to progress at your own pace? We can advise you on the best surf spots according to your level, your desires and the weather conditions.

Contact us to discuss your surfing project in Finistère or Morbihan, and we'll help you find the best solutions for a successful surfing holiday in Southern Brittany.

A room is available to store your equipment during your stay.

PSST: After your session in Audierne Bay, use our rainwater recovery tank to rinse your equipment in an environmentally-friendly way!


Surf good waves and watch the sunset from your chosen surf spot! Whether you're looking for a sporting retreat in Finistère or a watersports holiday in Morbihan, Naéco hostels and their destinations are just what you're looking for!


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